National Committees

CCI relies on Committees for much of its work, both for day-to-day operation and to support the strategic plan.  Your Executive Board would appreciate your support by volunteering to serve on one of the Committees listed below.  All you need is to be a member in good standing of the Institute and an interest in the activities of a specific Committee.  The Committees currently looking for assistance are:  ACCI, Chapter Relations, Communications, Constitution, Education, Finance, Government Relation and Membership.

National Committee Guideliness (PDF)

General Committee Guidelines *

Certification Committee *

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The committee shall foster professionalism through accreditation programs, both educational and non-educational for recognition both inside and externally of CCI.

Committee Co-Chairs: Geoff Penney and Peter Leong

Community Committee *

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The Community Committee creates and manages programs ("Activities") that have members of CCI ("Peers") interact with each other directly. Such Activities are to deliver value, while creating a strong bond between Peers

Committee Chair: Pam Smuts

Governance Committee *

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The Committee shall oversee and monitor the formal governance structure of the CCI, ensuring that National and Chapter bylaws are in compliance with current legislation and that they reflect the true activities of the Institute.

Committee Chair: Doug Shanks

Government Relations Committee *

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The Government Committee establishes CCI as the recognized federal, provincial and municipal government resource for condominium and strata. Its focus is to provide government information, data, knowledge, training, aid, education and community opportunities to the Chapters.

Committee Chair: Nancy Houle

National Leaders Forum Committee *

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The Leaders Forum Committee will be responsible for planning the National Leaders' Forums which are held in the Spring and Fall of each year.

Committee Chair: Sonja Hodis

Marketing/Digital Infrastructure Committee *

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The Marketing committee is responsible for the branding and recognition of CCI to the public, condominium and strata owners, professionals, and business partners.

Committee Chair: Rafal Dyrda

Operations & Support Committee *

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The Committee is responsible for promoting and supporting the operations of CCI and its Chapters.

Committee Chair: Tania Haluk, RCM

Resource Content Committee *

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The committee shall create, source, link and maintain content/data, any media related to the Condominium Industry. The content is to comprise the most comprehensive set of materials available in the industry.

Committee Chair: Stefan Nespoli

Risk Management & Finance *

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The Committee shall oversee and monitor significant financial planning and financial management of the CCI and the Chapters in evaluating and monitoring overall financial health of the organization.

Committee Chair: Ryan Griffiths

Interest in CCI National Committees

Committee Volunteers Always Welcome!
To apply to become a volunteer please download and complete the below fillable PDF form. To submit, click on the button located at the bottom of the form.

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