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August 11, 2021 Published by Huronia Chapter - By Kirsten Dale

Dock & Shoreline Safety for Condos

From the CCI Huronia Summer 2021 Newsletter

Anyone that has lived or “cottaged” on waterfront in Northern Ontario knows that there are special considerations that go in tandem with living in this environment that would not necessarily come to mind for those that reside in urban areas. Add in the complexities of multi-unit living and you reach a new level of The Unknown. Here are a few points for pondering as you take in the lovely waterfront views…

Dock & Shoreline Inspections – Add docks and decks near the water to your regular site inspection list. Check that finger docks are secured properly to the main docks as large boat wakes can loosen or dislodge the hardware. If providing seating near the shoreline then be sure to maintain it as safe for use and if it is placed on the docks, you must ensure that its placement does not impede traffic flow. And lastly, vegetation at shorelines is a mandatory vegetative buffer essential for environmental protection of the water - be sure to review your shoreline regularly and adjust as needed to ensure long-term preservation. For tips check out FOCA’s website:

Safety First! Swim Ladders & Life Safety Rings – If you have a dock or pier on water, you should have a ladder to help individuals who may fall off the dock get back ON to the dock. And be sure to check it regularly as part of your site inspection for securement. A life safety ring is an equally important precautionary tool to have on hand in the event of emergency (and do not forget to inspect the life safety rings annually and replace when worn, torn or rotten).

Prevention Pays – Consider signage for shallow areas if someone may be inclined to jump off a dock and the water depth will not safely permit it (or if there are hazards that less familiar individuals may not know to avoid – mark them with a buoy!). When in doubt a sign indicating that any use is at the user’s own risk when stepping into the condo docks is a good recommendation. And remind any boaters annually to dock and tie off securely and set their ropes at the dock edge neatly so that someone does not trip when walking by.

Kirsten Dale MCRS Property Management - Property Manager


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