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COVID 19 and Condos - CCI National Webinar May 7, 2020

One of CCI’s greatest strengths is its vast and national wide access to resources. On May 7, 2020, CCI National hosted its first national webinar with speakers from all CCI chapters across the Country. Our speakers shared their knowledge, practical tips and insights into issues that are affecting owners, directors, property managers and professionals dealing with condos during the COVID 19 pandemic.


CCI-National would like to thank all speakers who collectively represented each of our CCI Chapters from across Canada and our host Sonja Hodis for producing CCI’s first National Webinar on COVID 19 on May 7, 2020.  A list of speakers and topics covered during the webinar are listed below.  

Jamie Herle - North Saskatchewan
Privacy and Collection of Information - What to do with it?

Laurie Kiedrowski - South Alberta
April 9th Ministerial Order in Alberta - An example of what one province has done to assist condos

Maria Durdan - Golden Horseshoe 
Financing Options and Considerations

Laura M. Glithero - London
Obligations to Employees during COVID 19

Michele Farley - Huronia
Fire Safety and Directions from Authorities Across the Country

Michelle Kelly - Grand River
Restricting Access to Visitors and Contractors

Jim Allison – Vancouver
Adjusting and Using Technology to Effect Positive Change during pandemic and beyond

Judy Orr - New Brunswick
Learning from the Pandemic - Suggested changes to your governing documents

Nancy Houle - Eastern Ontario
Virtual Meetings and Electronic Voting:  Practical Considerations

Anand Sharma - North Alberta
Cash Flow - Practical Considerations

Dawna Matthews - South Saskatchewan
Lessons Learned from the Pandemic - A Condo Director’s Perspective

Devon Cassidy - Nova Scotia
To Lien or Not to Lien – What should a condo do?

Doug Forbes - Manitoba
What to do with Contracts/Payments If Obligations are not Fulfilled due to Pandemic

Marc Bhalla – Toronto
Condo Conflicts - Can we deal with them during the pandemic?  

Sean Doyle - Windsor
Landscaping - What is Necessary for Safety and Property Protection and What is Aesthetic?  

Sue Duncan - Northwestern Ontario
Social Distancing and Self Isolation - How do you get people to comply?

David Cumming - Newfoundland
Living in Condos During COVID - An owner’s perspective

Greetings from CCI National President, Stephen Cassady


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