February 1, 2022 Published by South Alberta Chapter

Licensing updates for Condo Managers

From the Fall 2021 issue of the CCI South Alberta CCI Review

As you probably know, all condominium managers in Alberta had to become licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta [RECA] in late 2021. RECA is now the governing body for the condominium industry responsible for licensing, oversight and setting standards for practitioners within the industry. There are approximately 800 Condominium Managers in Alberta and each one of them has a provisional license. They will all have to successfully take between 1 and 3 exams in order to obtain a full license by the end of 2022. CCI South Alberta is excited to announce it has partnered with CCI North Alberta and AREA (Alberta Real Estate Association) and has developed courses for these licensees to take. The link for the courses can be found in the RECA website. All the managers I have spoken to are hopeful that this new licensing will lead to an increased level of professionalism in the industry and the public can rest assured that all managers will henceforth be licensed to a very high standard.


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