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February 1, 2022 Published by South Alberta Chapter - By Chris McKenzie

Ways to Keep Your Business Safe This Year

From the Fall 2021 issue of the CCI South Alberta CCI Review

When it comes to managing your condominium corporation, security is always top of mind. While your condominium corporation may not have retail or office space and may not necessarily have products or services your corporation, does manage the safety of people who call your corporation home. There are steps that you can take to ensure that the building is secure both physically and virtually. Physically securing a facility involves creating a space where your visitors feel comfortable and relaxed, while virtually protecting their information safely.

Hire a Third-Party Security Firm

The easiest way to manage your corporations security is to hire a third-party security firm. Third-party security is a convenient way to keep your spaces monitored by trained professionals. Hiring out your security services means you can get a brandnew perspective on how well your site is secured. You won’t have to deal with additional payroll issues or staffing, as the security firm is responsible for those aspects.

Change Computer Passwords and Door Keypad Codes Often

No one likes getting the dreaded notification that your computer password is set to expire, but frequent changing of passwords is one of the easiest ways you can keep your company’s information (including your clients’ data) secure. Change and create strong passwords and keeping them updated every few weeks; especially when the Board changes or someone you may have on staff moves on. Besides computer passwords, also consider changing any passwords used for entry door keypads on a regular basis. Changing these keypad codes means less people have access to your building’s code at any given time. Have a plan in place when changes occur to staff or set a policy on when to change the manual door locks to prevent old keys from still working.

Keep All Areas Well-Lit

An investment that corporations should make in their safety system is to keep all areas well-lit at night. Keeping parking lots and entrances easily visible can help to deter criminal activity. Don’t assume lights are always functioning properly. Develop a system for frequently checking light fixtures for broken bulbs or malfunctioning parts. Notify your maintenance group immediately if an issue is detected.

Keep Landscaping Tidy and Free of Clutter

While most owners and corporations want to keep their site well landscaped, be mindful of the larger plants and objects that you use on the property. Overgrown hedges and thick foliage can create hiding spots for intruders. Make your landscaper aware of your safety concerns and develop a landscaping strategy that fits your expectations but keeps everyone safe.

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