LCCI/ACCI Recipients

The LCCI designation is open to any CCI member who provides goods and/or services, through annual employment time and volunteer time, to or within the condominium/strata/copropriété industry. The designation is open to any particular profession or trade.

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First Name  Last Name  Chapter  Designation Date
Christine Agostinho Toronto ACCI 2016
Christine (Christy) Allen Eastern Ontario LCCI 2022
Ermidio F. Alves  Toronto ACCI 2005
Chris Antipas Toronto ACCI 2004
Robert P. Assaly North Alberta ACCI 2003
Gary Atkin Toronto ACCI 2005
Andrée Ball Eastern Ontario LCCI 2022
Tricia Baratta London LCCI 2022
Maria Bartolotti South Alberta ACCI 2013
Paul Baxter London LCCI/ACCI 2018
Alana Betts South Saskatchewan ACCI 2017
Jamie Bleay Vancouver ACCI 2011
Heather Bonnycastle South Alberta ACCI 2005
Kathy Brown South Saskatchewan ACCI 2017
Anne Burgoon Eastern Ontario LCCI 2022
Don Chown  Golden Horseshoe ACCI 1997
Michael Clifton London LCCI/ACCI 2008
Ryan Coles South Alberta LCCI 2021
Michelle Compton Eastern Ontario LCCI 2022
Debbie Dale Huronia LCCI 2021
James Davidson Eastern Ontario ACCI 2005
Maria Desforges Golden Horseshoe ACCI 2008
Josée Deslongchamps Eastern Ontario LCCI/ACCI 2013
Don Dickenson London ACCI 1993
Jennifer Dickenson London LCCI 2021
Sunni Dowds Toronto ACCI 2016
Stan Dulberg Golden Horseshoe ACCI 1980
David Duncan Eastern Ontario ACCI 1999
Maria Durdan  Golden Horseshoe ACCI  2014
Jeronim Dyrmishi Toronto ACCI  2017
Sean Eglinton London LCCI/ACCI 2011
Patricia Elia Huronia LCCI 2021
Richard Elia Toronto LCCI/ACCI 2004
Andrew Elliott London ACCI  2018
Barb Enright Miller Toronto LCCI 2005
Michelle Farley Huronia LCCI 2021
Jonathan Fine Toronto ACCI  2005
Maria Finoro Grand River LCCI/ACCI 2008
Mike Fraser Eastern Ontario ACCI  1998
Nadia  Freeman Eastern Ontario LCCI/ACCI 2016
Andrew Fulcher South Alberta LCCI 2021
Robert Gardiner Toronto ACCI 1999
Rob Giesbrecht Manitoba ACCI  1992
Fran Graf Eastern Ontario ACCI  1998
Catherine Green Toronto ACCI 2005
Brendan Gregg London ACCI  2006
Laura Gurr London LCCI 2022
Shane Haskell Toronto LCCI/ACCI 2017
Yehudi L. Hendler Toronto ACCI  2005
Jamie Herle North Saskatchewan LCCI 2011
Harry Herskowitz Toronto ACCI  2005
Bruno Hertl Toronto ACCI  2016
David Heska Grand River LCCI 2021
Sara Hicks Grand River LCCI 2021
Michael Holmes Toronto ACCI  2002
Brian Horlick Toronto ACCI  2005
Nancy Houle Eastern Ontario LCCI 2022
Deborah Howes Vancouver ACCI 1991
Chris Jaglowitz Toronto LCCI 2009
Henry Jansen Toronto LCCI/ACCI 2010
Murray Johnson Toronto LCCI 2021
Noah Johnston Eastern Ontario LCCI 2022
Sandra Johnston South Alberta ACCI  2013
Jon Juffs Toronto LCCI/ACCI 2005
Stephen Karr Toronto ACCI  1991
Michelle Kelly Toronto ACCI 2014
Allan King North Alberta ACCI  1998
Howard Kirshenbaum Toronto ACCI  2005
Petr Kos Manitoba LCCI/ACCI 2011
Denise Lash Golden Horseshoe ACCI  1991
Michael Lewicki Eastern Ontario LCCI 2022
Audrey Loeb Toronto ACCI  2005
Dean McCabe Toronto ACCI  2009
Brian W. McKeown Golden Horseshoe ACCI  2005
Craig McMillan Toronto LCCI/ACCI  2013
Lyndsey McNally Toronto LCCI 2021
Emmanuel Mirth North Alberta ACCI  1983
Dawn Mitchell  North Alberta LCCI/ACCI 2008
Robert M. Mullin Grand River ACCI  2009
Rick Murti North Alberta ACCI 2012
Altin Nani Toronto ACCI  2006
Colin Ogg Golden Horseshoe LCCI 2022
Jay Oleynick  South Saskatchewan ACCI  2017
Donald Ouellette Toronto ACCI  2005
Richard Pearlstein  Toronto ACCI  2005
Geoffrey Penny Newfoundland LCCI/ACCI 2005
Steve Pinel South Saskatchewan ACCI  2017
Harold Pizel Toronto ACCI  1997
Chris Poland Toronto ACCI  2000
Diane Ridgeway London ACCI  1999
Allan Rosenberg Toronto LCCI 2005
Karyn Sales Grand River ACCI 2013
Kristi Sargeant-Kerr London LCCI 2022
Adrian Schulz Manitoba ACCI 2014
Barry Scott London LCCI/ACCI 2005
Shalon Seebach Grand River LCCI 2021
Mark Size London ACCI  2011
Susan Size London ACCI  2005
Helena R. Smith  North Alberta ACCI  2008
Liliana Soengas Toronto ACCI  2000
Lauren Sorbara Grand River LCCI 2021
Andrew St. George Toronto ACCI 2016
Gwen Story Grand River LCCI 2021
Stephanie L. Sutherland Golden Horseshoe ACCI  2016
Stephanie Sutherland Golden Horseshoe LCCI 2022
Donna Swanson Toronto ACCI  2001
Mina Tesseris Huronia LCCI 2021
Park Thompson Toronto ACCI  1996
Sally Thompson Toronto LCCI 2021
Lindsay Torrie South Saskatchewan ACCI  2017
Justin Tudor Eastern Ontario LCCI 2022
Edgar Vargas Toronto ACCI  2005
Robert Weinberg Toronto ACCI  2005
Alan Whyte North Alberta ACCI 2012
Sean Wilde Grand River LCCI 2021
Debbie Wilson Eastern Ontario LCCI/ACCI 1998
Bernie Winter North Alberta ACCI  1998
Cheryll Wood Eastern Ontario LCCI 2022
Jennifer Zammit Grand River ACCI  2002

In 2017, The Associate of the Canadian Condominium Institute (ACCI) program was retired. Existing ACCI's have been legacied into The Leader of the Canadian Condominium Institute (LCCI) designation. Legacied ACCI members have the choice to use only the ACCI designation or to also use the new LCCI designation.


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