Annual General Meeting - Nominees

Dear Member,

The Nominating Committee has prepared this letter in hopes that the information contained herein will assist all members in having a more fulsome understanding, and engagement with, the election process this year.  

How many positions are up for election?

This year, there are two positions open for election to the Executive Board. Each of these positions is for a “member-at-large”.  

Do we need to worry about geographic representation in the election process?

The By-Laws for the Corporation state as follows:

“In preparing its nominations, the Nominating Committee shall use its best efforts to ensure that each member of the Executive Board represents a different region designated by the National Council” 

In other words, the by-laws require that Nominating Committee make best efforts to ensure that the Executive Board has representation from each of the Regions designated by the National Council. The Chapter regions are described as:

Region 1: British Columbia, North Alberta, South Alberta 
Region 2: N. Saskatchewan, S. Saskatchewan, Manitoba
Region 3: NW Ontario, London, Windsor, Golden Horseshoe 
Region 4: Toronto, Huronia, Eastern Ontario, Grand River 
Region 5: Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick 

Leading up to the election, all five regions have been represented on the Executive Board. However, the current representative for Region 5’s term is ending at the AGM. Unless a candidate is elected from region 5, there will be no representation for this region.  All other regions will continue to be represented.

Who are the Candidates for the Election?

Four candidates have responded to the Call for Nominations issued on August 13, 2021. The candidates, and links to their bios, photos, and videos (where provided) are included in the attachment to this letter.

What is the Nominating Committee’s Recommendation?

The Nominating Committee’s recommendation to the membership is as follows:

  1. That candidate Devon Cassidy (Region 5) be acclaimed to the Executive Board, by way of a motion to acclaim at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.  
  2. That the membership elects one candidate to the Executive Board, from among the other three candidates, by way of balloted vote at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

These recommendations are reflected in the GetQuorum voting platform, which you will be accessing to exercise your vote. The voting platform will split the elections into two separate ballots:

National Executive Vote: Open Position (Choose 1 of 3)

National Executive Vote: Acclamation For Region 5

We hope that the foregoing and attached information is helpful to all members, and we look forward to a very engaged election process.

CCI National Nominating Committee

And the Nominees are....

Selecting 1 of 1

Devon Cassidy 

Region 5

View bio and video

Selecting 1 of 3

Al-Karim Champsi

Region 1

View bio

Jon Juffs

Region 4

View bio and video

Lyndsey McNally, OLCM, LCCI

Region 4

View bio and video



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