DSA (Distinguished Service Award)

What is a DSA?

The Distinguished Service Award, (“DSA”) was created to honour individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the Canadian Condominium Institute or the condominium community either at the chapter or national level. It is a national honourary designation to be awarded to those deserving individuals who, by their volunteer work or other achievements have brought distinction to CCI, exemplify the standards that CCI promotes and serve as a positive role model for others. It is important that, as their peers, we recognize these friends of CCI for the time and effort they have contributed to our organization and community.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

(Last Updated: November 2015)

Name Chapter Date Honoured Name Chapter Date Honoured
Mary Barber-Villeneuve Ottawa Nov-99 Anne Kernaleguen North Alberta Nov-99
Stephen Cassady South Alberta Nov-2013 Doreen Kerr Manitoba Oct-2015
David Cummings Newfoundland and Labrador Oct-2016 Margaret Kinnear London Nov-07
Carol Conrad Nova Scotia Oct-2015 Roxie Koch North Alberta Nov-06
Michael Darracotte Manitoba Nov-99 Anne Merry Atlantic Nov-99
Gordon Dick North Saskatchewan Nov-99 Ernie Nyitrai Toronto & Area Oct-2016
Bill Dickson Golden Horseshoe Nov-05 Don Peter London Nov-2013
Liz Dowd Ottawa Nov-09 Patricia Reimer Manitoba May-02
Patsy Ernst Nova Scotia Nov-04 Ambrose Reschny South Saskatchewan Nov-05
Michele Farley Huronia Nov-05 Gerrit Roosenboom Huronia Nov-01
Laverne Garrow North Alberta Nov-04 Al Siaroff Golden Horseshoe Nov-11
Dewey Grant South Alberta May-02 Kay Stallard London Nov-05
Philippe Grignon Toronto Nov-99 Chetan Thakore North Saskatchewan Nov-2013
Jo-Ann Hamilton Atlantic Nov-99 Philippe Turner North Alberta Nov-99
Larry Hobson South Alberta Nov-99 Howard Walker Huronia May-02
Evelyn Jonescu South Saskatchewan Nov-04 Steve Warner Golden Horseshoe Nov-01
Trish Kaplan London Nov-06 Steve Willerding Toronto November-04
Lisa Kay Toronto Nov-10 Harvey Willis Toronto Sep-02
Ed Keenleyside Golden Horseshoe Nov-11      

Nomination Process

DSA Designation is proposed for those who do not fit any professional category. The nominee can only be a non-professional who is not eligible for ACCI. The National Board has the right and ability to present exceptions to the rules where warranted and agreed to by the Board.

In making your nomination or when considering a nomination made from outside of your board, we urge you to keep in mind the purpose of the DSA. Many volunteers will be deserving of recognition for their efforts but the DSA is reserved for only those who stand head and shoulders above the rest. It is important, therefore, that nominees truly meet the very high standard we have set in order to keep this award meaningful. Please remember that it is not necessary to nominate someone for a DSA every year. Local chapters are encouraged to establish their own programs for recognizing the efforts of their volunteer members.

For your assistance we have created the following guidelines for choosing and nominating individuals within your chapter or community for the DSA:

How Does Someone Qualify?
  1. The nominee must be an Individual member of CCI or someone who is affiliated with a Corporate or Sponsor member, including: members of the Board of Directors of a Corporate member; unit owners of a Corporate member; or any individual who is an owner, employee or other person affiliated with, or who qualifies as, a Sponsor member.

  2. During this affiliation nominees must have distinguished themselves by any one or more of the following:

a) their active participation in CCI as a volunteer at either the chapter or national level; 
b) their outstanding service to the condominium community at a local, provincial or national level;
c) their promotion of CCI and its Mission Statement; or 
d) a singular achievement that has a significant and beneficial impact on CCI or the condominium community at the national, provincial or chapter level.

How can We Nominate Someone?
  1. The individual must be nominated by three (3) members in good standing of CCI. The nominee shall NOT be advised of his or her nomination in advance;

  2. The nomination form issued by the National Board must be used and be fully completed. The form (PDF format) can be downloaded by clicking here.

  3. An original copy of the nomination form is to be forwarded to the Chair of the Membership Committee. A facsimile copy is acceptable. A form sent by E-mail is acceptable provided the original, (signed) copy is received within the stipulated time, (see 6 below);

  4. A copy of the nomination form is to be retained by, (or forwarded to) the Board of Directors of the chapter which the nominee is affiliated with. The Board of Directors of the local chapter must approve the nomination before it is forwarded to the national office;

  5. A nomination fee of $125.00 payable to CCI must accompany the nomination form. If for some reason the nomination is rejected the fee will be returned.

  6. All nomination forms must be delivered to the national office by no later than June 30th, in any given year in order that the DSA recipients can be approved and, if applicable, be awarded their DSA at the Annual General Meeting, ("AGM") of CCI; and

  7. If it appears unlikely that the recipient of the DSA will attend the National AGM the persons nominating the individual must indicate on the nomination form under the heading of "Other Information" where and when the DSA will be presented to the recipient by the Board of the chapter with which the recipient is affiliated.
Who Approves The Nomination?
  1. Once the Board of Directors of the local chapter has approved of the nomination, the Membership Committee of the National Board of Directors of CCI will review it.

  2. The Membership Committee may request that further information concerning the nominee be provided to assist it in making its recommendation

  3. If the nomination is rejected the Membership Committee will so notify those individuals making the nomination and the Board of Directors for the chapter with which the nominee is affiliated. There is no appeal from this decision but the individual may be nominated again during the following fiscal year of the corporation;

  4. If, in the opinion of the Membership Committee, the nominee meets the qualifications for the awarding of a DSA the nomination shall be brought to the National Board for approval at the next scheduled meeting of the board;

  5. If the National Board approves of the awarding of the DSA, the Membership Committee shall notify the recipient as soon as is possible, unless requested not to by the Board of the Chapter with which the recipient is affiliated, (eg. To allow the local board some opportunity to prepare for a formal presentation - this should be noted in the nomination form) and shall also notify the Board of Directors of the chapter with which the recipient is affiliated.
How Is the DSA Awarded?
  1. The recipient of the DSA will receive a certificate from the National Board in recognition of the award and will be entitled to use the designation "CCI (Hon's)".

  2. The DSA certificate will be presented to the recipient at the National AGM and/or National Awards Dinner.

  3. If the recipient cannot attend the National AGM, the certificate may be presented by the chapter with which the recipient is affiliated at such time and place as that chapter's board shall determine;

  4. If the chapter with which the recipient is affiliated wishes to arrange for the framing of the certificate at its expense prior to presentation this should be noted on the nomination form and appropriate arrangements will be made to forward the certificate to the chapter.

  5. A list of the DSA recipients will be published in the next National Newsletter issued after the National AGM. Chapter are encouraged to publicize the awarding of the DSA in their own newsletters and in the local press.
Are There Any Limitations On The DSA?

Only one individual may be nominated for a DSA from each chapter together with one from the National Board of CCI in each fiscal year.

Where Can I Obtain More Information?

For further information concerning the DSA please contact your local Chapter or the Chair of the National Membership Committee.

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